Sunday, November 9, 2014

Noblis internships for undergrads

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Noblis is now accepting applications for our Summer Internship Program!

from Lead Employee Relations, EEO and Diversity Strategist at Noblis, VP, Diversity at NOVA SHRM

Summer Internship Program

Join Us
A summer at Noblis is a summer well spent. If you are a student who is looking for good pay, valuable real-world experience, and the ability to apply your coursework, Noblis is the place for you.

What It's Like
At Noblis, our interns spend their days collaborating with other interns and our full-time staff to create innovative, mission-focused solutions to many of our clients’ most pressing problems. When you intern for Noblis, you will be doing real, professional work--we know you want to to learn something and contribute. You want to see what it’s like to be a working professional in this field. And that’s exactly what you’ll do at Noblis. You will be an integral part of our team from day one.
There are also group collaboration activities that allow you to meet other interns and form new connections. You'll get to attend regular lunch-time presentations and development sessions. You'll always be learning.
Your summer at Noblis will be challenging, educational, hands on, and memorable. You will leave us prepared for life after school, as a leader, problem-solver, and critical thinker with real-world experience.
The Possibilities
And if you love it at Noblis, you may not have to leave us. A staggering 90% of eligible interns receive a job offer upon the completion of the program. 
Internship Details
  • The official program runs from early June to late July
  • Most jobs are located at Noblis' headquarters in Falls Church, VA (close to Washington, DC) and in our nearby offices in the Washington, DC metropolitan area
  • We also have a few openings in Danville, VA where we house our Cray XMT2 supercomputer and San Antonio, Texas
  • You’ll get paid. We offer an attractive hourly wage for full-time work (Monday through Friday, 40 hours a week for 8 weeks)
  • The work will be challenging and exciting. You’ll be guided by our expert staff, make new professional connections, and build your network. You’ll attend weekly seminars and networking events designed to prepare you for life after school
  • You will contribute to the good of the nation by working in National Security and Intelligence, Enterprise Engineering, Environmental Sustainability, Transportation, Healthcare, corporate business operations, or on the Noblis Sponsored Research (NSR) program
  • We accept applications from undergraduate, graduate, and PhD candidates
What We Need From You 
  • A GPA of 3.3 or higher in your undergraduate studies
  • Demonstrated analytical skills, strong written and oral communication, and collaboration skills
  • Interest and skill in any of the following:
    • Modeling and simulation
    • Systems engineering
    • Computer science
    • Biometric technologies
    • Life and chemical/biological sciences
    • Telecommunications (including wireless technologies)
    • Networks
    • Data/knowledge management
    • Corporate business operations, e.g., finance and accounting, human resources/organizational development, information technology, and event planning/coordination.
    • Marketing and design
Some Important Notes
  • Noblis does NOT offer temporary housing or subsidize the cost of temporary housing for summer interns
    • We can, however, point you in the direction of some really good options
  • Students majoring in a network-related field will need to demonstrate specific skills in protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP/IP, and Ethernet
  • Students majoring in computer science, software engineering or related fields must demonstrate:
    • Knowledge of software development processes and tooling, e.g., agile development or scrum;
    • Experience with web 2.0 technologies, e.g., JavaScript, HTML 5, Google Web Toolkit, Ruby on Rails;
    • Experience with version control systems and techniques, e.g., Subversion, Git, MS TFS;
    • Experience with software architecture (UML, etc.), system administration, and network administration.
Still Not Convinced?
Read what our former interns have to say:
"My project took everything I learned in class and challenged me to go even further."
"It was the perfect fit to my career aspirations. It was the exact work environment I was looking for in an internship."
"It was interesting to take all of the theory that I learned in college and apply it to real world problems."
"It challenged me in many ways in my field of study and also beyond in other disciplines of work."
"The program was run very smoothly and I appreciate the emphasis placed on having the interns constantly share knowledge and form meaningful relationships."
"I would definitely recommend the Noblis internship program to my friends. I am sure anyone can find a niche in this company and work on material relevant to their passions and career interests. The work is stimulating, and the people at Noblis are inspiring."
"I thought it was an excellent experience. I think Noblis goes out of the way to help their interns adapt to the corporate setting and they really try to make it fun and enjoyable." 

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