Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Examples for Developing Apps in English Classes

from Cultus e-learning:

Top 10 m-apps for English grammar and punctuation

The selection of the best smart phone apps for improving your grammar and punctuation skills
Today’s smart phones offer variety of apps that are more than just silly games or time-wasters. With many of them you can access smart phone apps that will help make you smarter, increase your knowledge and get amazed at the resources available online.
For those trying to learn and master the English language, there are numerous apps that teach correct grammar usage, punctuation, vocabulary, and much more.
The team at, the Internet’s top proofreading services, rank the top 10 apps for grammar and punctuation.
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These applications can help users improve their grammar and punctuation skills, even though they still are not a complete substitute for a professional proofreader.
1. Word Wit: The English language has many is similar words that have vastly different meanings. That is why people make so many commonly misused words and phrases. Word Wit is an app designed to teach users the differences between misused words, so they can start using them correctly.
2. Grammar Up: This is a comprehensive application that features multiple-choice quizzes with thousands of questions in over 20 grammar categories. It helps users improve their grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and more.
3. Grammar 1: This is the perfect app for improving your grammar skills and your grammatical syntax.
4. The Free Dictionary: Having a dictionary application is a must for all writers and word lovers. This free app makes it easy to quickly look up the meaning and the definitions of words, and it even offers a Word of the Day to help you grow your vocabulary.
5. Wurdle: This is a popular word game that is both fun and productive way to pass the time, as it helps you increase your word knowledge by forcing you to identify as many words as possible by connecting letters on a grid.
6. Words with Friends: Words with Friends is not just a silly game. It might be fun, but it is also a great learning tool, as players are forced to dig deep into their vocabulary and to learn new words.
7. English idioms illustrated: Since the idioms are a big part of the English language, understanding their origin and meaning is essential to using them properly. This app explores the meanings of popular idioms and gives comprehensive explanation.
8. Grammar Express: Parts of speech – This is a robust course that helps learners master all the different parts of speech and contains over 130 pages of lessons that go over grammar rules.
9. Practice English Grammar: We know the saying – “Practice makes perfect”, and this app gives you the practice you need to master the English grammar. It has many grammar lessons and has quizzes to help you track your learning progress.
10. Grammar Express: Using the correct tense is important to proper grammar implementation. Learn grammar rules with hundreds of lessons, study countless examples of grammar rules, and at the end test yourself with quizzes in this popular app.


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